Getting a Puppy? Here’s Everything You Will Need!

Ally Garofalo
5 min readAug 19, 2022

Here are the basics for your new furry friend

My Siberian Husky, Apollo.

Are you adding a new furry family member to your pack? Congrats! Deciding to bring home a new puppy or adopt a dog is a tremendous commitment that requires lots of love, preparation, and above all, patience.

When you decide to bring home your new four-legged family member, it can be confusing where to start or how to prepare yourself or your home.

Luckily, I’m sharing with you my ultimate puppy supply checklist, complete with my printable checklist sheets for you to conveniently plan and prep away!

Collar, Harness, and Leash

A good collar and leash go hand in hand. With proper and regular dog walking all year round, you will want to invest in two pieces that work best for you and suit your style.

Harnesses are great for certain activities and are highly recommended to have but are not necessarily mandatory. If you do opt for one, be sure to review sizes and the right type to suit your puppy’s needs.

For dogs who are natural pullers (just like my Siberian Husky), I suggest a bungee leash just like this incredibly sturdy one from KONG.

KONG Bungee leash. The photo was taken by the author.


When it comes to feeding time, it’s important to have functional bowls for both food and water. Avoid plastic bowls due to BPA concerns if possible and opt for bowls with a ceramic or stainless steel finish.

Ceramic dog bowls. The photo was taken by the author.

Bed and Crate

I’m a big believer in crate training your dog (especially in the beginning) and creating a space where he or she will feel comfortable. Essentially, it’s their safe space and it should feel cozy for them.

There are many crates out there, including plastic and metal. Plastic crates are fantastic for the puppy stage but if you want something your dog can grow into, a metal crate with dividers may be the more cost-effective route.

Shopping for the perfect dog bed can be overwhelming. Which one to buy? Always do your research and get your paws on one that is big enough and is the most comfortable for your fur baby. When it comes to styles, there are anti-anxiety beds as well as more firm beds. For your puppy’s first bed, I highly recommend one that can be machine washed for any overnight potty accidents. As your puppy grows, you may want something that fits or covers the floor of your crate.


Of course, your puppy needs to be squeaky clean and smell fresh! With a ton of grooming products out there, it can be hard to pinpoint what you may or may not need for your pup. Since each breed is different, the needs revolving around grooming may also be.

In terms of your basic grooming supplies, your absolute must-get items include:


Aside from having lots of patience on your part, training your dog is paramount for his or her success in becoming an acclimated part of your family. You’ll want to train them to be properly housebroken, as well as be obedient in your home as well as be well-behaved when they’re around others.


If most dogs are anything like mine, I can tell you that they are very motivated by food, so treats are an absolute must when training basic commands. When it comes to food, it can take some time for your furbaby to take to a particular brand or flavour.


Let’s be real — accidents happen and are inevitable. For quick clean-ups, you’ll want a stain remover with an odor killer that attacks and removes the enzymes so that your pup doesn’t revisit the scene of their crimes for repeated offenses.

An example of stain and odor remover. The photo was taken by the author.

Other important training items you may also want to invest in are:


What else are you missing for your brand new puppy? Toys, of course! There are many types of toys: chew toys, work-to-eat toys, interactive toys, and balls. All of these toys are essential and serve their own purpose in your puppy’s development. You should have a variety of each within your arsenal. At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong product. My advice? Go buck wild and spoil that little furry bundle of joy!

Rope toys and balls are great toys for puppies. The photo was taken by the author.

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