Let’s Be Honest… Your Robotic Sales Copy Sucks!

Ally Garofalo
2 min readFeb 12, 2024

Let me guess… You’re strapped for resources and are using AI to create sales copy for your website. And you’re frustrated. Why?

Your marketing isn’t capturing your brand’s authentic voice.

Even worse — it’s not engaging your target market. And to top it off: it’s not adding anything to your bottom line.

What should you do? Should you hire an entry-level, full-time, in-house copywriter?

Or, for a fraction of the cost — should you hire a trained professional who will go above and beyond to not only garner leads through captivating copy, but will also position your brand as a thought leader in your respective industry? Yeah, the latter. It’s a sensible no-brainer.

Ready to Supercharge Your Brand to the Next Level?

Of course, you are! So, go ahead and ditch the robots.

Human-generated copy with personality and empathy is the key to driving business growth, boosting brand awareness, or cementing you as a thought leader in your industry.

The search ends here if you’re struggling to craft meaningful, persuasive copy.

What Can I Help You With?

I’m a copywriting, content marketing, and branding expert with over a decade of experience in marketing and communications. I’ve worked with countless B2B and B2C brands over the years and want to help YOU!

I’m a natural-born storyteller who loves perfecting work with spectacular, meticulous attention to detail.

I offer compelling direct-response copywriting, content writing, and editing services.

Some examples of my services include Copywriting and Editing, Website Copy, Brand Messaging, Brand Launching, Email Copy, and Video Scripts.

I will also work with you to create a custom package to suit your unique copy needs. I want to see your brand succeed and I will only offer the services I feel will benefit your business.

Why Me?

If you want a good copywriter, I recommend hiring someone in-house. There are tons of writers who are good at their craft. However, If you want a great copywriter who is passionate about her work, that’s where I come in.

What’s In It For You?

For a sliver of the cost of an average full-time, in-house employee, build a meaningful connection with an advanced, premium copywriter who understands your brand voice, and business objectives, and will build a meaningful connection with you.

If you’re ready to take the next step, please fill out my form and I will be in touch with you shortly.

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